Underwear drawer

Oh Readers,

This week I went against my own grain. I threw away perfectly good underwear. Bras included. Never, even though I’ve read it can be a good idea, did I realize just how good this little bit of secret do over can be!

Flying in the breeze has nothing on this! Don’t get me wrong. I have already shared that I am a twice divorced single mother. That doesn’t mean that I wore ugly undies all these years. But, when choosing said undies, I always considered the tastes of others. Not this time. This time, I picked the undies I wanted. Yesterday, I wore my brand new Wonder Woman undies with a matching bra to work. I FELT LIKE WONDER WOMAN!!! It was great. Today, known only to me (until now) I wore this lacy bit of pretty under my shapeless scrubs. Nothing could stop me. I had my secret going. Who cares if anyone else saw it? I knew that under the shapeless bit if thin cotton built for utility, I had a little something special going on. So, ladies, I implore you. Wear the good undies. For you. Not for anyone else. You’re worth it.