Bah humbug….maybe?

It’s been a hot minute since I pounded this keyboard. Well, tonight is the night. Try to stay with me, please. I’ve not yet decided where I’m going with this. We’ll find out together. Or maybe we won’t. Does it matter? Let’s just be patient and see.

What can I say since the last time the keyboard and I spoke to one another for any reason other than business? HOLY CRAP is a really good place to start. A bit of an understatement, in my humble opinion. And we all know what opinions are like, and everybody has one. And furthermore, life will humble you if you won’t do it yourself.

Well. Small town America has this lady wading through life in clearance aisle cowboy boots from Rural King. Good thing those boots were on clearance, because it’s getting deep, and I need them. They are actually pretty cute boots, which is a plus. Hang on, dear readers.

I’ve learned some things. One never knows how interesting she really is until she moves from the city to a small town. Oh, my! I’ve learned that I’m the most eligible woman in town, and that I am a heartbreaker. WHO KNEW???Apparently, all it takes is leaving the house unaccompanied twice to listen to some music and enjoy an adult beverage while doing so to gain this glorious reputation. That, and a poorly thought out tattoo on the neck of a man who dared speak to me. But I digress.

Tis the season of comfort and joy. I deep down believe this. But this year it’s been hard to find. And I’m usually pretty positive. I was so excited about Santa coming through my neighborhood on his float that I was the only adult that Santa gave a gift to. I love the tidings of comfort and joy this season brings to so many, no matter what religion, color, or creed. I also work in health care, so I see the sadness this season can bring. This year is the first year I haven’t read O ‘Henry’s Gift of the Magi, or watched It’s a Wonderful Life and a Christmas Story. It’s also the first year I’ve been without my Grandma, and that I’ve known I’d be without all of my kids because I’ll be at work. I always keep in mind when I work holidays that the truly unfortunate are those that end up in the hospital by accident on a holiday. I chose this work, and I love it. But I miss my grandma’s cookies, and I will miss my kids this year as I work through all the days we celebrate. Maybe I should read the Gift of the Magi tonight. And eat a cookie a dear friend baked for me. Bah humbug, maybe. But I’m still blessed. Happy season. Eat the cookies, and enjoy it!